BDS is now partnered with Mosaic!

Ashley Maltais - September 2017

We are very excited to announce that Blue Dot Solar has partnered with Mosaic to provide best-in-class solar financing solutions for forward-thinking homeowners in Massachusetts. Mosaic offers loans of up to $100,000 that are specifically designed for solar and clean-energy related home improvements. Their transparent business practices and customizable loans ensure that customers not only understand what they are getting in a loan product, but receive optimal (solar output to loan payment) benefit as well. Mosaic’s commitment to the environment, advancing a clean energy economy, their flexible monthly payments, and $0 out of pocket programs are just a few reasons why we chose to partner with Mosaic. Blue Dot Solar and Mosaic, two like-minded companies that are making it easier for like-minded Massachusetts homeowners to invest in their homes via a range of clean energy loan products and services.
To learn more about Mosaic, please feel free to contact us at, click here to visit their website, and watch this short video below!


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