Introducing Our Mobile PV Generator!

Brett Duguay - May 2017

We are proud to introduce our latest project, our mobile PV generator. We have been using the generator to fuel our job site this past month as we install a 560kW ground-mount solar array installation for Cape Cod Aggregates. What better way to test our unit’s durability than by placing it in a harsh environment such as a quarry? We are thrilled to report that through harsh dust, cold, and windy conditions , the generator has met and exceeded our power requirements for the construction of this project!


Batteries for power tools have remained charged - four charging stations with 4-6 batteries have been on constant charge at all times. This consistent power means costs savings on labor and avoiding possible fuel logistics issues commonly found on a gas generator job site. Having fully charged batteries at all times means less down-time and more productivity.


Furthermore, the mobility of the unit provided power anywhere on the job site. This type of power flexibility saved labor costs on the installation of the underground conduits, inverters, grounding systems, array, etc. In addition to the reliable off-grid power, the trailer also provides a dry and secure place to store material and tools. To find out more about our mobile PV generator, or to request a free quote, click here!

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